As an active duty military family, we moved all over the country but I have found a home in Texas. I received my undergraduate degree at Texas State University and my Master of Arts in Counseling from St. Edward’s University. I have worked with diverse populations including varied ethnic and cultural groups, individuals involved in the criminal justice system and various sexual orientations. I began my career working in inpatient settings and have experience with working with teens, adults, individuals, groups and families.

As a child, my family impressed upon me the importance of giving back. Since then, it has been my life-long endeavor to help others. In college, I found that I was fascinated by how people work, hurt and help themselves. I truly enjoy the opportunity to support others while they work to find a balance in their lives.


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Do you have an adult family member that will need more care and support after a life of independence?  I worked with Plan Your Story to help families have some difficult conversations.

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