10  Reasons NOT to talk to your kids about sex

1.     My kid’s friends are smarter than me and probably know more about sex anyway.

2.     I learned a lot from late night cable, they probably will too.

3.     Miley Cryrus, the Kardashians, Justin Beiber and Kanye West are all normal, right?

4.     My parents didn’t talk to me about sex and dating and I’m ok.

5.     My kids live in a bubble that I keep under constant surveillance so there is no way that anyone could ever abuse/harm them.

6.     My little angel will not even think about sex until after I’m dead, so there is no reason to bring it up.

7.     Everything you read on the Internet is true.

8.     Pornography films are basically instructional videos.

9.     They will be empowered if they learn on their own.

10. If I’m too engaged with my kids, what will they complain to their therapist about?

 © Nicole Richardson