Why would someone WANT to be psychotic?

           Sometimes friends or people I meet at parties make a silly or pithy comment about “crazy people.”  Occasionally, the topic will shift a bit and someone will ask a question or make a comment about not being able to understand why someone would choose to be psychotic.   

            As I myself, have never been psychotic, I can easily recall a time when I had the same thoughts.  Having had the pleasure of being able to work with people with psychotic disorders, I do think I have better understanding. 

            Dr. William Glasser worked with, researched and treated psychotic disorders.  He described psychosis as a world entirely created by the mind of the individual.  A place where they are safe from whatever plagues them here in the real world.  Working with these individuals, that is exactly what I have found.  Sadly, the world that they have created for themselves is often just as scary. 

            So back to the original question, why would they choose to live that way?  I think there are two reasons.  First, even though their world may be scary, it makes sense to them and ours does not.  Second, the medications they have to take in order to live in reality often cause, weight gain, drooling, hand tremors, removal of creative thoughts, removal/reduction of joy.  In short, dullness. 

            Also, if they have created this other world as a self-defense mechanism, they have to provide a new self-defense mechanism in order to cope.  Freud, taught us about self-defense mechanisms.  A fundamental rule, per Freud, was that you cannot simply quit or remove a self-defense mechanism, it order to effective, it must be replaced with something else.  

 © Nicole Richardson