November 8, 2022

I Don't Know What To Do

Most of us struggle with making big decisions, they are difficult for a reason.  Often, it isn’t that we are uncertain, it’s that we know that it will be painful to act.  In an effort to avoid pain, we often delay and second guess.

First, that’s ok.  If often remind myself that there are very few decisions in life that cannot be made slowly and thoughtfully.  Typically, the times we truly need to make quick decisions are in emergencies.  Otherwise, take a little time consider your choices.  You may find that you know exactly what you know you need to do but you simply aren’t ready.

What do you need?

There are times when making this decision will require resources.  Do you need financial resources?  Do you need emotional resources?  While it is ok and at times even necessary, I want to caution you here.  With big, difficult, scary things you will never feel ready or ready enough.  There will always be a reason to put it off or wait.  There will never be a perfect time to do what you need to do.

What will I allow my fear to steal from me?

Not too long ago, I was walking my dog and thinking about the things that were causing me to avoid or put off or delay the decisions or even actions I want/need to take.  For each thing, it was fear.  Fear that I will fail.  Fear that I will disappoint/upset someone.  Fear that I will be uncomfortable.  Then I had this thought, what will I allow fear to steal from me and for how much longer?  I can’t say that it was a particularly comforting thought but it did make it feel like I wanted to act.  

Certainty, is rarely available to us in times of stress, even though we feel like we know what will happen.  And maybe do an extent you do know what will happen.  But how long do you want to wait for the life you want?  You know what your avoiding isn’t going anywhere. How long do you want to feel stuck here?

As always, I’m here.  If you are ready to work on having the life you want, call me and let’s get started!

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