December 20, 2018

What if... The World Were Different?

In my last blog, we looked at our wins and losses for the year as individuals and if you haven’t done that yet for yourself, I would encourage you to do that first. 

A story, I can't forget...

Last month, I met a young man in an airport that told me about the murder of his brother and the ripple effect it has had on his life.  His brother was an up and coming artist traveling through Texas to promote himself.  He told me that while in Austin for work his brother, a black man, was shot by eight police officers and killed.  Without malice or meanness, he shared that all eight officers were white and that unlike the rest of his family, he was not convinced that it was entirely racially motivated.  

The conversation I had with this impressive young man continues to turn over in my head.  First, he had initially planned to move to Texas as it seemed like a place of opportunity far greater than where is currently living….  Texas no longer holds the same promise to him.  

Second, he sounded alone in his grief.  I have no concept of what it must feel like to be mourning such a terrible loss and your friends and family do not seem to be able to understand or even tolerate your point of view on it.  

Finally, his grace was moving.  He seemed so clear that hating men and women he had never met would not bring his brother back, it would not honor his brother and it would help him live a better, safer, happier life.  

What if it didn't have to be like that?

The theme for this month for me has been to imagine, “what if…”. In all areas of my life, I have challenged myself and you to think about your life and the world around you and wonder what if it could be different.  

Perhaps racial tension is on the rise… Or maybe I am aware of it in a way I’ve never been before.  The way I was taught to handle race was simply to pretend that it’s not an issue. It has occurred to me this year, while I look around see so much suffering that NOT talking about it isn’t really going to work.  There is no topic I have encountered thus far that is improved by being ignored.  

I have no delusions of grandeur here.  I know that one blog and one person cannot and will not put an end to racism. But I am challenging myself to think about a county that at least endeavors to be unbiased, kind and fair; that judges people solely on their character and not the color of their skin.  Into the new year, I plan to continue to ask myself how do I contribute to the solution and not just the problem?  For now, I see my part as being will to have the uncomfortable conversations and being willing to name the elephant the room.  

What can/would you change?

Now it’s your turn.  What is your BIG what if?  What is one thing that you can commit yourself that you will do your part to solve knowing that you can’t do it alone?

As always, I’m here.  If you are ready to live your best life, call me and let’s get started!

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