March 28, 2019

Freshen Up Your Relationship

Would you like.....

  1. Greater health?
  2. Greater wealth?
  3. Greater resilience?
  4. Faster recovery from illness?
  5. Greater longevity?
  6. More successful children?

Then, work on your romantic relationship!  Studies have found that if you have a happy, successful marriage then you have a higher chance of getting all of the above!

There is no time like the present to refocus and breath new love and life into your relationship.

Here is a list of things you can start doing today, that can improve your relationship.

6 second kiss.

Yup, I said it!! Gottman talks about a 6 second kiss having potential. It may or may not lead to anything else, the point is to be intentional. Can you remember the first time you kissed your partner? Most can. But your last kiss may or may not have been all that memorable. What if each day you endeavored to kiss your partner with intention for 6 seconds? It would be far more difficult to forget a kiss like that.

No distractions.

When is the last time you and your partner sat and had dinner with no TV, no kids, no distractions? Last summer a research study came out that suggested that married couples which children may talk to each other on average about 38 minutes each day. If the TV is on and little people are interrupting, now many of those minutes are really going sink and and feel connected? Find or create some time with your partner where there are no distractions and see what a huge difference it makes.

Get excited!

How does the dog behave when you get home? Does he look up from the couch, sigh then put his head back down? Or does he great you at the door, tail wagging, clearly thrilled you made it home? Do this for your partner! Show them you are glad they came home by stopping what you are doing, giving them a 6 second kiss and let them know you want to hear about their day (even if you can't do it right that minute). Imagine how much fun it would be to come home to that.

A reminder.

We all know something small that we do that makes our partner feel loved. For some it's a text during the day while you are apart, for others it is taking care of dinner when you know your partner is feeling overwhelmed or tired or maybe just holding hands while you watch the evening news. Make a commitment to yourself to remind your partner each day that you love and care about them.

Roughly, 900,000 couples file for divorce each year and typically only about 10% of them ever sought help to repair their marriage. In life, nothing worth having comes easily and your relationship is no exception. If you want an exceptional relationship, it's time to do your part.

As always, I’m here.  If you are ready to live your best life, call me and let’s get started!

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