Relationships are a source of color, excitement and from time to time, pain.  If your relationship seems as though it often causes more pain than joy but you are able to remember a time when that was not the case, you may still be able to get back to a better connection and more intimacy.

All couples fight, even happy couples.  The goal may not be to stop fighting but instead to learn to fight more fairly and actually resolve the issues at hand. 

It is not as easy as simple communication, especially when talking just seems to lead to more arguing.  Working on verbal communication is only part of the equation.  Often, action is required.  Humans communicate just as much with their body language, tone of voice and other behaviors as they do with words.  Working on all of these things together is essential to building a healthy relationship.  

As a counselor, I want to understand each person’s perspective to better understand how each views the core problems at hand.  I endeavor to be direct with each of you in order to get to the heart of the issues and begin working toward a positive resolution.  

 © Nicole Richardson