March 15, 2018

Why You Don’t Have to Take Your Kids to That Party

Do you feel like you are over committed? Do you feel as though you spend more time juggling your scheduled than living your life?


I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in a place in life that we didn’t feel like we had time really sit back and enjoy things. It happens to all of us. Since we are looking at “obligations” this month I want to spend some time looking at how our schedule reflects our values and what is most important to us.

Do me a favor…

Pull out your schedule for last week, don’t worry I’ll wait. If I was sitting next to you looking at it with you, what information could I get from that schedule? Would I see what and who are most important to you? Or… did your schedule last week look like a lot of “shoulds,” “supposed tos” and “I guesses?”

A lot of people get bogged down with all the things they think they “supposed” to do for other people. Taking your kid to every party they are invited to seems an easy example. Look, I get why parents feel pressure to invite the entire class. But how is that showing kids what is really important about friendship, fun or even time management? Do you go to every party your invited to?!


Sometimes, we need to say no to things. Not because we have a prior commitment or another party to rush off to or a soccer practice to get to but because we are TIRED…. Or maybe we just don’t want to go! When we need a down time or a break from out free time, there is a problem.


So if last week’s schedule didn’t look like you wanted, pull out next week’s. What is ONE (come one, just one) thing you can take off. No excuses, no apologies. Just let yourself off the hook. What would you do with that time? Take a nap? Read a book? Go for a walk? Do a puzzle with the kids? Make it happen! Tomorrow isn’t promised and if you put off living until tomorrow, too much of the good stuff could pass you by.

As always, I’m here. I would love to hear what you have let go of and what you plan to do instead!

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