December 22, 2016

Goodbye 2016!!

I mentioned in another post that I HATE New Year’s resolutions, I do. I think they are demotivating and counter productive. I do believe in CHANGE.


I recently read, “Tribes” by Seth Godin. I won’t lie to you and tell you it was the best book I’ve ever read and I don’t think that is even what Godin was going for but he made a few really great points about change that I have tried to make in some of my sessions. Godin writes:


“Perfect is an illusion, one that was created to maintain the status quo. The Six Sigma charade is largely about hiding from change, because change is never perfect. Change means reinvention, and until something is reinvented, we have no idea what the spec is.”


Change is messy and hard. Carl Rogers was a visionary, a leader and a passionate therapist. He talked a lot about how difficult change is and how hard we have to work for lasting change.


Anyone who knows me well knows that this is not my favorite time of year, largely because I am not cool with being cold (yes the play on words was on purpose). The thing I do like about this time of year is the opportunity for hope and optimism. January is like a new box of crayons, sharpened, bright, fresh and ready to go!! Who knows what you could create with them!!! January of 2017 is no different! That doesn’t mean it will be EASY but honestly, if it were easy, everyone would do it.


You aren’t everyone and that’s awesome!! No one is perfect and as Godin pointed out, perfect is and illusion. So do you want perfect or do you want real? Real, life-changing change is going to come with some setbacks. You may even get where you wanted to go and learn it isn’t want you thought it would be.


So as we look ahead to 2017 (a brand new box of crayons) and all that it could be for all of us, let’s bring self-compassion and the understanding that there is no such thing as perfect. I dare you to start this year with courage and honesty. What will you do to make this year great?!

I wish you ALL a safe, warm and happy holiday season!

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