May 16, 2016


Do you procrastinate? I do. After recently putting something simple off for about a week and laughing to myself when I finally forced myself to deal with it, I started to think about why I did that to myself.

I do not enjoy doing things that I think will be annoying. It sounds simple but when I step back and think about it that is what I put off. I don’t put off laundry, cleaning, etc. But I will absolutely put off a call to an insurance company or a trip to a crowded grocery store. I am typically annoyed with myself when the task that I put off is far simpler than I built it up to be.

Why do you procrastinate? Do you think that you will have more desire to complete the task later? You know that’s unlikely. Do you think that you work better under pressure? Research suggests that is not true.

Are you aware of the impact on others? Your procrastination can lead to more work for someone else, anger and hurt feelings.

It may be worth spending some time with yourself and thinking about if you procrastinate, why and who is affected by your procrastination.

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