June 21, 2018

Simple Interview Prep for Every Interview

Do you have a big interview coming up?  Are you freaking out?  Here are some simple ideas for you to channel that nervous energy into an awesome interview.

Below are some standard interview questions that you are likely to be asked some version of and you should be prepared to answer.

Name three strengths and three weaknesses.

They are more likely to ask for one of each but this is a pretty standard question so it is important to be ready with multiple responses. It is important to be just as open about your areas for improvement as your strengths. In an interview, when someone cannot tell me what their areas for improvement are, it makes me think they are either very self un-aware or they are hiding something big.

How do you handle problems/stressful situations?

No matter the industry, they will want to know about how you handled a problem. So even if this is your first job, you have to be able to talk about a time you worked through a problem.

Future goals.

You may not have a formal, written five-year plan but you certainly have an idea of where you want to go in life. Are you wanting to get your feet wet in a new industry? Do you want to be the CEO of the company you are interviewing for? Is it that you need a job while you get through college? Let people know you are ambitious. People who don’t have goals can be difficult to motivate, let them know what you are seeking, even if it isn’t to work there until you die.

Why are you leaving your current position/company?

Do not trash talk your current or previous bosses. It may be that your current boss is a the nightmare of all nightmares but it’s not a good first impression to make with the interviewer. PLUS, you never know if they could know each other so be polite no matter what. If they ask why you are currently leaving, you can talk about seeking a new opportunity or upward mobility or even that you have always been interested in their company and jumped that the opportunity to get an interview.


Practice giving your answers out loud so that you are familiar with how you want to word things.  Also, practice repeating questions before you answer them.  This will accomplish two things; help you calm down and buy a few seconds to come up with an answer and it will help you actually answer the questions.  A lot of times when people are nervous they just start talking and instead of answering the question, they get lost in tangents that may or may not be useful.  Slowing things down will help you avoid that trap.

After the interview...

At the interview, get direct contact info for your interviewer(s) if you don’t already have it. If you want the job, write a thank you note and talk more about why you are a good fit. Hand written notes are great if they are legible with good spelling and grammar. If you are more comfortable with email send an email. This will absolutely help you stand apart, especially if it is a close race between you and another candidate.


As always, I’m here.  If you are ready to live your best life, call me and let’s get started!

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