May 26, 2016

What NOT to Say to Someone Who is Sick!

sick-mdThere are probably and infinite number of things not to say to someone who is/was hospitalized but here is a short list:

  • You don’t look sick!
  • Did you catch up on your Netflix binging?
  • My dog had that! Once we treated her, she was so much better!!
  • I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well! I have pneumonia but wanted to come visit you.
  • Have you tried {insert your doctor, holistic advice, etc. here}?
  • Think positively! Are you praying?
  • You’ll be fine!


What people do need is to feel supported and that they matter to others. Most people really struggle with what to say when they are confronted with another person’s loss or illness. When in doubt, it is often best to ask.


My favorite question is, “What can I do to support you in this?” Lots of people bristle at the idea of help but everyone wants support. Often the only thing we can really give to someone who is very ill is the ability to sit with him or her in their time of need.

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